"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!" (Mary Quallo, St Louis)

"Who in their right mind wouldn't want to read a book by Mark Barry!"  (Mary Quallo, St Louis)
LA Punk Rocker by Brenda Perlin - includes two new stories from Mark

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sheffield's thriller and short story author E.L.Lindley is back...around the Cauldron!

One of my favourite people in Indie is back today - Sheffield's finest E.Lindley. E is well known on the circuit for the long running Georgie Connelly series, which combine the thriller genre with character and comedy.  E is also developing a reputation for punchy, angry, claustrophobic short stories about real life (some drawing on her experience as a teacher), on her blog -stories I highly recommend.

Her novels have a real BBC quality, dramatic and talky, more like plays than novels in parts, and I thoroughly enjoy mentally casting her characters, because, as you will see today, E's serious passion is cinema - if you ever need to know what a new film is like, drop E a line, because it is odds-on that she's already seen it. 

I caught up with E on the Wizphone - naturally, she was off to the flicks! Here's what she had to say.

You can find and read E's first visit to the Cauldron here, on the Wizard's Cauldron Index


Tell Wizardwatchers a bit about yourself, E - particularly the ones in the US
First of all Wiz, let me just say thank you for having me back it’s a real honour. Right here goes – my main aim is to be a decent human being but I also like to try my hand at writing. 

So far I’ve written eight novels, five of which are part of the Georgie Connelly series. I live in Sheffield which is in the north of England, not too far from your good self Wiz. When I’m not faffing about pretending to be a literary genius, I’m a part-time English teacher. 

Is Henrys still there? I used to love that place.
It’s funny you should ask that as a couple of years ago it was re-opened as Henry’s after masquerading as various other bars for a number of years. 

However, the other day, I walked past and it was all boarded up. I didn’t investigate too closely so I’m not sure if it has hit the skids like so many other British pubs and clubs or if it was just being refurbished. As you well know, Wiz, I tend to avoid getting too near to the place after the ‘incident’. 

Haha. Yes, the incident! So, tell us about your latest work.
My latest book is called Blood  Money and is the fifth in the Georgie Connelly series. 

Georgie is a British documentary film maker who lives in LA and she has a serious penchant for trouble. In this latest story, she relocates to London due to a family saga and basically all hell breaks loose. It’s pure escapism for readers who like a bit of crime and action that’s tempered with humour. 

For more info on Blood Money, E was interviewed recently by the brilliant Georgia Rose. Loads of info here.


Magnificent cover – and a complete change of style?
Thank you, Wiz, I’m really pleased with it. All my front covers have been designed professionally, mainly because when it comes to technology I’m worse than useless. Just typing up my writing is an ordeal for me, I write everything out long hand first in notebooks. For Blood Money, I used Debbie at The Cover Collection and was massively impressed by the cost and the service. 

I had my front cover within twenty four hours of making my initial enquiry. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

BUY Blood Money here for only 99p/99c

British Readers Buy HERE

Amazon.com Users Buy HERE

Of all your characters, who is your favourite creation? I am very partial to your maverick mothers…
I’m quite partial to crazy mothers myself but if I was forced at gunpoint to pick just one character then it would have to be Georgie Connelly. I’ve written about her so many times now, I feel I know her better than any of my other characters and she’s such a nutjob she’s a delight to write. In a lot of ways, she’s my alter ego doing and saying all of the things I’d like to but daren’t. I think maybe she’s a bit of an acquired taste, readers who like her seem to REALLY like her. She’s not a half-measures kind of gal. 

I’m a uberfan of your short stories. Where can readers find them?

Frazetta - the Serpent

That’s so kind of you to say and I’m ashamed to admit they are all over the place at the moment. I’m in the process of moving everything from my old blog  www.ellindley.weebly.com to my new blog at 


It probably wasn’t one of my better ideas given that my organisational skills are on a par with my IT skills but, hopefully one day soon they will all be in the one place and clearly labelled. 

Your novels are completely different to your shorts. Is that deliberate? Is there a different mindset?
I think with the novels I aim to produce means of escapism and they are fun and light hearted. At least I hope that’s how they come across to the readers because that’s my experience writing them. 

One of E Lindley'ss most popular novels - Don't Look Back

I tend to write long, character driven novels that require a lot of investment both from the reader and me. With the short stories, they are very much more about capturing just a moment in time. 

Your short stories seem to flow from your fingertips. They have an energy and an unhinged, barely concealed anger at the world: Do you find them easy to write?  Are they therapeutic?
I do find them quite easy to write mainly because they are short and intense but don’t require any development of ideas. They do, like you say, tend to be driven by emotion. They probably are quite therapeutic because I certainly recognise all of the feelings I’ve written about even though the stories aren’t specific to me. 

In The Serpent for example, I can identify with the fear and disappointment of the woman and the anger and resentment of the man. One of the reasons I love your books, Wiz, because you explore all the sides of human nature that, as a society we prefer to keep hidden. 

I think deep down we are all cesspits of unhinged emotions, which is why we see so many outbursts of rage in public spaces. 

Is there an anthology of your short stories planned? 
There isn’t at the moment, Wiz, but maybe especially for you I’ll get myself organised enough to produce one. 

That would be bonus! I hear you are a massive cineaste. What has been your favourite film this year?
Films are indeed the love of my life and I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the cinema. I’ve seen so many excellent films so far this year and I do compile a geeky list as I go. At the end of every year I have my top five films and bottom five, like a proper film critic. I saw Mistress America this week which is a really strong contender for my top spot. 

It’s basically about how we delude ourselves with our dreams and passions but then if we were to let them go what would life be? We see the world through the eyes of an eighteen year old girl, who has it all to play for and a thirty something woman who is still trying to find her place in the world. It’s very quirky and funny and set against a glorious New York backdrop. I loved it. 

Would you go to see a “Birdman” sequel at the Steel City Cineworld?
I loved Birdman as well and would definitely see a sequel although I’m not sure how that would work. 

I suppose Michael Keaton’s character in Birdman was an extension of the characters in Mistress America – what happens when your dreams are gone? 

Loads of people ask me: Were you like Catherine in “Don’t Look Back” as a young woman? And are you still? Inquiring minds wish to know…
It’s funny how as readers we like to assume that writers create characters based on themselves. Having said that, there must be little bits of me in mine as I like to put them into extreme situations and imagine what I would do. 

With Catherine, she’s very much in denial about what she wants out of life and distracts herself with heavy drinking and being a bit of a girl around town. I have been known to enjoy a mojito or two but let’s just say Catherine would drink me under the table. 

Sheffield’s electrobritfunkster Martin Fry of ABC was a big hero of mine as a kid. Have you ever met him?
Strangely enough I have. 

It was probably in the early 90s and maybe ‘met’ is overstating it a tad but I was going into Debenhams and he was coming out and he held the door open for me. I like to think he gave me the glad eye but I could just be making that bit up. Actually, between you, me and the Wizardwatchers, I’m a bit of a disaster when it comes to celebrities – they don’t bring out the best in me. I’m sure if I lived somewhere glitzy like LA there’d be a permanent restraining order on me. I’ve been known to stalk Phil Oakey around WH Smiths and, during an encounter with Kenneth Branagh, I embarrassed a group of teenagers in my charge so acutely they disowned me. It wasn’t my finest hour. 

Where can Wizardwatchers connect with you and your books?
Well after that confession people are probably going to be scared to connect with me in case I stalk them but for any non-celebs who want to risk it, here you go –

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LindleyE

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EL-Lindley/205011402903349

Blog:  www.lindleyblogs.blogspot.co.uk

E Lindley's Author Page

And what next for E.L Lindley?
I’m hoping to finish off a standalone novel that’s already 70% done but has been languishing on the back burner. Then again I’m already bursting with ideas for the next Georgie and she is a force to be reckoned with so who knows? 

Thank you so much for having me back – you know it’s not often I get asked back twice. It’s been like therapy Wiz; I might even feel a short story coming on. 

We're big fans of E Lindley here around the Cauldron, so you're welcome any time. The very best of luck in the coming year and thank you for coming!
Pleasure's all mine, Wiz. Thank you.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Popular Toronto novelist Eden Baylee is...around the Cauldron

Eden Baylee is a name many fans Stateside and beyond will be familiar with. A Canadian (one of the first to appear around the Cauldron, if not the first),  Eden creates full time and took the brave decision to leave a promising career in finance to pursue a career as an author following a serious illness that caused a panoply of life-is-too-short reflections. 

She is an absolute delight to talk to - upbeat, positive, witty and fun, and for a music beast like your second favourite Wizard, meeting someone as passionate about music as I am was always going to be something to savour. 

I've read two of her pieces and there is no doubt she can write - crisp, clean, linear, unfussy prose that airport thriller readers and fans of, er, the saucy side of the industry would devour in a couple of sittings.  She's a natural for the spinner racks.

Throw a stick in any direction somewhere in Toronto and you'll hit a cool coffee shop full of artists and the bijou...and that's where I found Eden. Here's what she had to say.

Tell Wizardwatchers a bit about yourself, Eden?

Firstly, I want to thank you for having me on your blog, Mr. Wizard. It’s a real pleasure to be here. 

The pleasure is all mine.

As for myself … hmm … I’m a former banker. At the time I left, which was almost twenty years after I first started, I was developing fraud programs to catch bad guys. It was exciting and I made a living at it, but it wasn’t my passion, so I quit the job and have been writing full-time since January 2010. 

Whereabouts are you from?
I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, so I’m French Canadian though I’ve been living in Toronto now for the majority of my life. 

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and is extremely diverse. That’s one of the things I love most about it. 

Was becoming a full time writer a good decision? Do you regret it? What life changes have you noticed?

GREAT decision. I don’t regret it for one second. I knew it would not be easy, and I had realistic goals that did not involve becoming rich and famous. Sorry to break the news to any aspiring writers who think becoming an author is a license to print money! 

It’s a clichĂ©, but writing and putting out good work is not a sprint, it’s a marathon—one that lasts a lifetime. For me, it’s work I love, so the hours I put into it fly by and are worth it.
I believe happiness in life accounts for much of my well-being. I had cancer in my thirties and didn’t think I would live to see forty. 

When I made the decision to get out of banking to pursue writing, it was after a long period of soul-searching and emotional upheaval. Much of it revolved around my own unhappiness with what I was doing at the time. 

I don’t believe in regretting things I’ve done. I make peace with a situation and move on. Regrets are more for things we choose NOT to do, for whatever reason. This won’t be the case with me for writing anyway.

Tell us about your latest work.
I released my latest work July 31, 2015, my second novella for the Lei Crime Series of Kindle Worlds. 

Here is a summary of SEAL of a Monk:

The ancient jungles of Kauai provide the perfect setting for self-discovery. 
Despite the terror she experienced on her last trip, Lainey Lee returns to Hawaii to manage a silent meditation course on the Coconut Coast.
Twenty-five women are under her care for ten days in a beautiful and remote location. Lainey expects to find inner peace, but four days into the course, one of the meditators disappears without a trace. 

Did the girl leave of her own free will, or was she lured away by a strange cult? Lainey is frantic to answer these questions. As her desperation grows, she finds help from an unexpected source—a retired Navy SEAL named Maximillian Scott.  

Now, Lainey has two mysteries to solve: what happened to the missing girl and the case of her own heart. Can she ever trust a man again? 

For those unfamiliar with Kindle Worlds, it’s a new arm of Amazon where writers can develop stories within an established world of known characters. 

Kindle Worlds Explained

The Lei Crime Series is based on the books of best-selling author, Toby Neal. They take place in Hawaii. I’ve developed my own character named Lainey Lee for the series. She’s a feisty divorcĂ©e who travels to Hawaii and encounters mystery, suspense, and romance.

Can we have an extract?

Day one in the woods.
Late afternoon.
Heavy footsteps and shouting faded behind her sometime ago, but she kept up the grueling pace. The forest fell silent except for the thrumming in her ears as her legs pounded the ground. Every time she tripped on vines or underbrush, she scrambled up and kept running. Her shoes sank into the damp earth, jagged edges where erosion had split the soil like decaying flesh. The terrain changed quickly and often. No time to adjust her speed. She dared not look behind her.
Distance offered safety.
Tenderness in her right ankle worried her, but the adrenaline pumping through her veins kept her going. Fear trumped logic that told her she had to stop. 
Snapping twigs and shoving branches out of the way, her peripheral vision blurred while her surroundings flew by. She blinked back tears and her face stung. Several minutes later, her legs turned to stone pillars. Her lungs were on fire. On the verge of collapse, she slowed down but swerved abruptly to avoid running into a low-hanging branch.
A dry gasp forced out a sudden, sharp cough when she stopped. She clamped her hands over her mouth while the sound echoed like an explosion around her. A flurry of activity hit her senses. Her own heartbeat thumped in her head along with a cacophony above her. She glared up at an open patch of sky to see a flock of yellow birds funnel upward like a tornado. They chirped loudly in unison as if admonishing her for destroying their peace.
She struggled to regain her breath, rolled her aching shoulders to expand her lungs. Ahh … she forgot about the fifty-pound weight on her back. She released the hip belt and dropped the pack to the ground. Relief. While running, she considered unbuckling the sack and discarding it. Crazed as she was at the time, she couldn’t do it. It would’ve been suicide.
Squatted beside her bag, her almond-shaped eyes flittered back and forth for any movement nearby. Scampering sounds came from behind trees like kids playing hide-and-seek. Were they small animals? Or large ones? Every strange noise alerted her to danger, and there were so many she had never heard. 
Crouched down, a different perspective met her view, all of it foreign to her—dense, tropical forest with no clear path, no posted signs. The boughs of conifers loomed over her like giant arms. Were they pines? She couldn’t be sure, never paid much attention to plant life in the city. 
She was in deep trouble. 

What is your personal favourite creation?
Wow, this is like choosing a favourite child. Not easy. And I don’t even have kids.

Over 70 5* reviews and rising

I think I’m most proud of my novel, Stranger at Sunset, which is the first of a trilogy with my protagonist, Dr. Kate Hampton. 

UK Readers - BUY Eden's Work HERE

US Readers - BUY Eden''s Work HERE

It’s also the first full-length novel I’ve written. That in itself was not easy for me, as I’m a writer of flash fiction and novellas primarily. 

Going from a maximum of 30K words prior to writing Stranger at Sunset to 70K was tough as hell. 

I’m an economical writer, not particularly verbose in either writing or speech. The discipline to write a novel is different than short pieces. My brain hurt at the end of it, like it had been rewired. 

It was completely worth the pain, though. 
Stranger at Sunset takes place in Jamaica at a resort next to Goldeneye, which was once owned by Ian Fleming of James Bond fame. 

Goldeneye - Ian Fleming's old residence

I think your readers might enjoy it, and it’s on sale for the summer at 99 cents. It’s a sexy, psychological mystery/thriller. 

Now you are a pro, does the need to make money to survive transcend the need to write  “artistic” or uncommercial work?

I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive, but I do understand the question.  Ultimately, I don’t chase a trend. 
The truth is, trends come and go, and I need to be true to myself otherwise my writing will not ring true. Readers are intelligent, and they know an author’s voice once they get used to it. It’s not to say that one cannot change a style of writing, but if I were to suddenly write zombie stories – it would be the most sad-ass excuse for fiction ever. It’s not something I have interest in, though it’s extremely popular and commercial right now.

My writing is steeped in reality and the motivations of people – sometimes these motivations are dark, sometimes they’re sexual, and sometimes they are both. 

With these elements as my foundation, I’ve written erotica, romance, thriller, mystery and suspense. These genres suit what I enjoy reading and writing.

Speaking of erotica, you were known as an erotica writer when you started. With your latest are you moving away from that genre towards the mainstream?

I don’t consider erotica ‘out of the mainstream,’ but it has its challenges. I’ve been reading good erotica since I was eleven. Story of O was my introduction. 

I read the classics, and my definition of erotic writing is not “insert body part A into body part B, with ooh-ing and ahh-ing in between.”  An erotic story happens long before the sexual act and the orgasm. 

I loved writing erotica. It goes back to the motivations of people I spoke of earlier. I wanted to explore why two or more people may want to connect. The foreplay leading up to the sex is so much more important and arousing than the sex. I’m not particularly great at writing sex. What interests me happens before and after it. 

I will not say I’m never writing erotica again, but I always had a feeling it would run its course. I’ve loved mysteries and suspense novels with an erotic slant, so this seemed like the natural progression for me. 

What’s your favourite a) book  b) film  c) CD/band

Oh god, so hard to choose! So I’m giving 3 for each ok? Pretty please.  **BIG toothy smile**

Oh, go on then!

The Magus by John Fowles

The Shadow of the Wind

Ham on Rye 

Straw Dogs 

Midnight Cowboy

Godfather 1 and 2 

Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic CD

Pink Floyd

and Eric Clapton

You are a big music fan. Have you seen any decent bands lately?

Yes! I just saw Peter Frampton for the first time. I’ve loved him since I was a kid. 

He played with Cheap Trick in Toronto recently. I was familiar with all the music, and Frampton was (swoon) breathlessly good. I cried. 

You can read all about my experience at the concert on my blog: 


I write about music every Monday. It’s one of the great pleasures of life for me to share music that I love. In many ways, it helps me rediscover an artist or a song all over again. 

You can read all my music posts here too: http://edenbaylee.com/category/musical-mondays/
It’s a great way to start off the week for me!

Who is your hero/heroine? Invite them for dinner – what would you eat?
Wow. What a question! 
I would have loved to meet Charles Bukowski, only because he was such a surly old bugger. 

I’d cook — something East Indian and spicy, basmati rice, a side of saag paneer and garlic naan, red wine. 

The Laguna in Nottingham - one of the best Indians in the UK, and stubbornly
lacking in pretension. Eden and Buk would love it here (Ed).
And afterward, we’d split a bottle of Scotch and talk books and life until the early morning.

 What next for Eden Baylee?
I’m enjoying the summer because it is much too short. I’m also working on book 2 of my trilogy. It follows Stranger at Sunset and it’s called A Fragile Truce, which funny enough, was a title I nabbed from a Rolling Stone cover in reference to The Police

I NEVER have a title to a book before I finish it, but somehow this one jumped out at me right after I completed the first book...Karma!! … so I’m rolling with it ha ha.

Eden, thanks for coming. It's been a pleasure and I wish you and your readers all the best for the coming year and beyond.

Thanks again Mr. Wizard for having me around the Cauldron So appreciate it.

Contacting Eden






“If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery--isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.”  (Charles Bukowski, Factotum)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

"LA Punk Rocker", Brenda Perlin, is back...around the Cauldron!

Brenda Perlin is as big a friend of The Wizard''s Cauldron as there is. This will be the third time we've met around the magic bucket and as far as I am concerned, she can visit whenever she likes.

Author of the popular Shattered Reality trilogy, prodigious reviewer, massive indie supporter and, lately, reader for hundreds of US authors, Brenda's workload is a heavy one. Her reading list fills with trepidation and she actually reads the books in detail, which, in a social network environment where skimming a book is more of a survival strategy than a choice, is something to be applauded.

Recently, Brenda compiled a terrific little anthology about her life as a punk on the streets in Los Angeles in the early eighties. It's called LA Punk Rocker and I picked up the Wizphone to talk to her about it. Here's what she had to say.

New readers can find Brenda's previous interviews here on the Wizard's Cauldron where she talks about her well known "faction" Shattered Reality" trilogy and her anti-bullying story, Ty The Bull.

Brenda "Homewrecker" Perlin: 29 October 2012

Brenda Perlin revisits the Cauldron with Ty The Bull

Tell new Wizardwatchers a bit about yourself, Brenda?

Okay, where to start? I was raised in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley making me an original Valley girl, for sure. Or fo sho. I am currently living very near the Housewives of Orange County who I get to see around town from time to time without their makeup and fancy clothes. 

I was a housewife (not a famous one) when I moved here but it seems the relocation didn’t do well with my relationship and my marital status changed. We divorced and that was when all my fun began.

Probably the best of Brenda's
Trilogy - the blackest of humour, an easy read and, in parts,
laugh out loud funny

I only came on the Indie scene after this big breakup. When we were getting married I started writing a journal about my not so great experiences with the wedding business, little did I know then that this would turn into a massive trilogy over the grueling demise of our fifteen year marriage. Things were not quiet as glamorous in the OC as some would think.  

Ha! I'd be one of those, Bren. #realhousewivesofOC

I knew you would be ha ha. Life is now better than it has been in years. I have a thoughtful boyfriend. We travel and enjoy life in between all this “social” media stuff.

Is it sunny today? Can you send some over here – it’s lobbing it down. 

Well, it’s looking pretty nice. Perfect day for a swim in the pool. Not too hot just yet. Some days are better spent at the beach but sunscreen is a must for this pasty white girl. 

Why LAPunkRocker?

If it wasn’t for you, clearly there would be no L.A. Punk Rocker. You pushed the concept on me. 

I only suggested it!

Really? it was a bit more than that! The thought of writing this story bored the life out of me. Having to go back after all these years? I mean, I lived it. I survived it. It was sometimes a nightmare and sometimes the best days of my life. So when I really considered the idea, I was like (once a valley girl always a valley girl) I can totally do this. For years I have wanted to do something with my old photos, the ones I took while out in the Hollywood scene, so I came to the conclusion that this could work! 

Buy L.A. Punk Rocker on Amazon. com

$1.99 Kindle
$6.99 Paperback

Amazon UK  - 
£1.28 Kindle
£4.48 Paperback

Also: Barnes & Noble

The book is full of photos. I really liked that aspect of it.

Me too! I play on Pinterest, if any of your readers are interested.


I am sure they will be. How did you locate the other writers? What do your friends think of the book? Accurate?

I had already been in contact with many friends from that time period since I joined Facebook (love it and hate it) so it was easy to find people to ask. What was not so easy was getting them to follow through with a story. I understand they might not feel they could write but I dare to differ. 

"Most of us have it in us to tell a good story if it is coming from a place of sincerity." 

I am not a fiction writer but if I am being honest, no walls or disguises, then people will be interested. It’s the action of revealing the truth in a way that is real that should lure the reader in.

So far the response has been good. Haven’t heard anything bad up until this point but I am sure it is not for everyone. Some people might be a bit more hardcore and appreciate more f**ks in the book (especially since the subject is punk) but I didn’t feel L.A. Punk Rocker needed that to make it compelling or authentic. I’m pretty darn pleased how it came out.

Originally I would have liked it to be a little less of me and more of others (hence the reason I have on the cover Presented by Brenda Perlin) but it works. 

Had I not been lacking in content you wouldn’t have written One Night in Richmond Park, the last of two stories based on the life of the King Rocker himself, Billy Idol

Linked from Pinterest

And that to me would be a real shame. That story is magic. Magic on paper. 

Thank you, Bren - you are always very kind to me. So, what sort of bands played LA around that time?

There was so much new music going around. Bands that were practically unknown when we first saw them like U2, The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, The Clash, X, The Damned, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Siouxsie and the Banchees, The GoGo’s, Bad Religion, and the list goes on. 

Local bands and many from abroad. Loved the British sound! Was a big fan of everything UK. 

What was the best gig you ever saw? And where?
Seeing U2 at the Us festival was life-changing to us little girls, and really thrilling was traveling all the way to San Francisco to see the Damned, because we met them on the street and talked to them during the day while they were just hanging around. 

There was something special about seeing live music outside of our own turf. Still, there was never anything as mesmerizing as seeing Billy Idol who had been one of my idols’ since the early days of MTV when music videos were first being made. I can still remember the goose bumps I got watching that video for the first time.

When I saw Billy Idol it was at a small venue, The Roxy in Hollywood. I was so close that I could see the sweat dripping off his face. When he started doing his thing I could have died. It was like seeing God himself. Seriously, it was just that exciting.

The Roxy, West Hollywood. The first story in LAPunkRocker focuses
on the night Billy Idol played here for the first time in 1982/83

Do you ever go to live music now? What was the last gig you saw?

Far and few between, but I do love the feeling I get seeing music being played live. In this decade I might have gone to only a handful of shows. Them being Creed and 3 Doors Down. Those are my favorites though I don’t think we will be seeing anymore Creed these days, sadly. Being a rock star can cause some bumps in the road. 

Oh yes, Ryan Silverman doing Phantom of the Opera. Does that count????? Haha. If you are in the New York area you need to look him up. He has an amazing voice. (shameless plug for my pal Ryan… who happens to be awesome) 


What did you think when Billy Idol tweeted to you? Did you jump around the house and scream?

Actually, I can’t remember my reaction at all because I was numb at the time but I knew I looked off enough that my boyfriend thought something terribly wrong had happened and was prepared to jet me off to ICU. Hahahahaha. It was a hysterical sight. 

We had just returned from dinner when I was glossing over my tweets. I saw a comment with Billy Idol’s Twitter handle but didn’t think much of it at first. Had to read it and then digest it. I am a bit on the slow side. 

Then, finally it registered. It was from the man himself. I was in total shock. I mean it wasn’t that he just re-tweeted my tweet but he left a message about L.A. Punk Rocker. It was after that realization set in that I began to talk really really fast and I felt my whole body go numb. 

Minutes later I was  jumping up and down like a silly school girl. I was in total disbelief. Thinking back to that, I am really grateful to him. He doesn’t usually respond to other Tweets, I have since studied his profile (stalker girl) and for that I am so thankful to him for saying exactly what he did. It was a great plug for L.A. Punk Rocker and a fantastic way to get the momentum going. I was over the moon, ecstatic. 

What’s next for the marketing

It is looking like we are getting a book signing at Book Soup which is the one place in the Hollywood area that I wished to be invited to sign books. 

I have been a fan of the shop from the early days. It’s been there since before I was running around on the streets of Hollywood.

What’s been your favourite a) TV show c) restaurant of this year so far?

I love and adore everything Anthony Bordain does. The Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure programs No Reservations and The Layover are great. Not just about food but travel, life and culture. Also, Parts Unknown on CNN, his latest.

My guilty pleasure is Shahs of Sunset which is a reality television series that follows a group of Iranian American friends living in Beverly Hills. 

I love that there is no holding back and they are not as UGLY as the housewives can be. I mean, they fight and they get drop down nasty but it feels more real and I am always laughing through most of the show which is a real treat. Almost as good as chocolate. 

And as you love your hints and tips, give Indies one tip to improve their prose.

Hahahahahahahahaah. You must be kidding me! I think you already know my answer to this question! Repetitive words have got to STOP. I just noticed it in Shattered Reality but it never even registered before. The next thing I am doing is going back in. 

It reads silly to me saying PRETTY MUCH 15 times or using the word REALLY 513 times. I mean, really????? Most editors don’t look for stuff like this or repetitive phrases. 

If I read something like “pumped through her veins” or something with "deafening" more than once in a book I roll my eyes. 

It’s not necessary, in my opinion. I can see how authors get habits and change them throughout the writing of a book. You might see CERTAINLY for a while then it goes away and then you see A LOT for a while. 

We pick up habits subconsciously and it shows up on the page. It’s become my mission though there are not enough hours in the day to read everyone’s books. Even the best authors I know need to look out for this.

Points noted! Where can Wizardwatchers connect with you and your books? 

Here is my Amazon Author Page. 

http://amzn.to/1px1MZM and my website is http://www.brendaperlin.com

If you want to meet me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brenda.perlin

So. What next for Brenda Perlin?

Maybe spend a little less time playing on the computer and more time living life. Traveling to places I have never been. Hope to see some friends I haven’t seen in a long time and appreciate whatever health I have. After my big health scare in 007 (let’s go for the James Bond theme) I know not to take the basics for granted. You just never know and today I have to say is a very very good day. 

Brenda, you're always welcome on the Cauldron. You know we all love you over here - s0 if you're planning on travelling, don't forget to pack a Parka, a brolly and some thick socks and bring some OC sunshine over here one day.

Oh, fo sho, #mrword. And thanks for having me around the Cauldron!

Before I leave I want to thank you for your two fab stories in L.A. Punk Rocker, King Rocker and One Night in Richmond Park. Also to the other wonderful contributors, Cindy Jimenez Mora who wrote A Night with Ceasar, Deborah Hernandez-Runions for Errol Flynn’s Estate and Steven E. Metz for sharing his lessons learned being a punk Rocker in Punk Band Mad Society.

Any time, #LAPunkQueen :-D Thanks for inviting me.

Brenda's RHOOC photo - fo sho!

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