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The Ritual
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Evolution Trilogy author Vanessa Wester is...around the Cauldron!

Vanessa Wester

Vanessa Wester is the well known creator of many novels, as you can see on her fulsomely populated Amazon Author Page.  

As you will see later, she writes a variety of genres with passion and enthusiasm and loves what she does, which is no bad thing.

A regular on Twitter, she is an interviewer too, which makes her visit around the Cauldron something of a Busman's Holiday. I caught up with her as she enjoyed the sunshine on the Isle of Wight, one of Gt Britain's pleasure paradises tucked away on the south coast.  Here's what she had to say...

Tell us about yourself, Vanessa?

Where do I start? I was going to tell you what I have done, but that is not really who I am it is what keeps me busy! 

As I say in my Twitter description, I am an “author who is either being mum, reading, writing, walking, teaching, or watching TV! Phew!” I am also planning to get back to swimming for fitness very soon!

Overall, I am fascinated by the decisions we each make and the relationships that bind us to one another. I also believe the past is something to be proud of, regardless of what happened.

You have lived all over the world. Which has been your favourite place to live? Where were you happiest?

I would not say all over, I have mainly stayed in Europe. I have to admit that I am happiest where I am – the Isle of Wight. I love the peace and tranquillity of living in a small place, and having been brought up next to the sea am glad to have found a place in England where I can have a similar view.

 You are an author. In what genre do you write?

I enjoy writing romance, paranormal, historical and science fiction…

Tell us about your latest work

I am currently working on the story of my great grandparents. Both born in Liverpool around 1840, they led a varied life before they married in Jamaica and immigrated to Gibraltar. It is historical fiction since I am having to use my artistic licence a lot!

Can you share an extract of your work?

WARNING - This is an EXCLUSIVE!!!!

It has only had one edit and the book is nowhere near completion yet…

Bolton clenched his fist and fought back the urge to thump the boy. It was not his fault he had been named after a place and his dad. He tried to shake it off, but it really bugged him.‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,’ he replied, as he folded his arms across his chest.‘Bolton, Bolton, Bolton,’ the boy chanted, as others started to take it up.Bolton glanced at his brother, Emmott, whose nose was now flared, lips tight. Bolton shook his head from side to side, but it was too late as he saw Emmott lunge at the boy. With his eyes raised to the sky, he groaned knowing there was nothing else for it.A while later, as Bolton limped home and tried to wipe the blood off his cheek from his bloody nose, Emmott chuckled, ‘I may have some cuts and bruises, but he was worse off.’‘Sure he was,’ he sighed, ‘but, I didn’t need you to take up the fight. I knew what I was doing, he wasn’t going to do a thing.’‘And let him think we’re cowards?’ Emmott said, defiant, ‘I’ll never be scared to fight. It makes us men, not boys.’‘Okay, fine… you be the man. You think because you got some hair on your upper lip, you’re all grown up now?’‘I’m not far behind you, Brother. Just you wait. I’ll catch you up and then we’ll see who’s the toughest,’ Emmott said, his feet on tiptoes as he tried to reach Bolton’s height.Bolton laughed, ‘We’ll see about that.’ He grabbed Emmott by the shoulders and put his chin on top of his head. ‘There’s still a fair bit for you to catch up with me. Then there’s your build. A bit scrawny to be a man.’‘You’re not much bigger,’ Emmott huffed, sticking his tongue out.Bolton knew it had not been that long ago that he’d been like Emmott, but it was worth stringing it out a bit. To be honest, he was not sure how he felt about his deeper voice and larger build. It was not that exciting to become a man.

That's excellent, Vanessa. Your debut novel – which is free – has garnered rave reviews. How does that feel? Was it unexpected? 

I had no idea what to expect. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I really wrote it! It is a mystery to me that I have managed to do what I have, and any sales I get always make me smile. I am an unknown author with no agent, publisher, or representative. Everything I achieve is a miracle.

Download "Hybrid" by Vanessa Wester (41 5* reviews) here FREE!!!



Do you recommend Permafree marketing? Has it worked for you?

I think it has, but I don’t get as many reviews as others. I have had more sales of the subsequent books since it went permafree, but I think a lot of them have come about due to advertising opportunities. Going “permafree” is a risk – bad reviews also happen from readers who would never have bought my book. However, in my case, what have I got to lose?

You play on Goodreads. Has it improved since Amazon took over or is it still a pit of bullies with egos the size of monsters?

No idea. I post reviews, read the odd threads, and friend people. I don’t like to get into “politics”. Sometimes, the braver option is to step away when things get crazy.

Hyper-evolved Gibraltarian monkeys with near-human intelligence, follow you home and kidnap you. 
It is not clear why and you are bemused. Some imagined slight from the time you lived out there, perhaps. You are thrown in a cave and guarded night and day. Geppo, a friendly Barbary monkey, throws in a sack along with your wooden bowl of grave. In the sack you find two books, two CDs and a DVD. What would you like them to be?

BOOKS: “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” by Sarra Manning... 

...AND an Agatha Christie Collection of Mrs Marple books (it is one book!)

CD's Twilight...Mecano (see below)

DVD: BBC - Pride and Prejudice

Invite a writer, an actor and a figure from history to dinner. 

John Grisham

Brad Pitt

and Queen Victoria!

And what culinary delight would you supply?

Starter: Prawns in a garlic & chilli sauce  (Yuk - think I'd arrive late, Vanessa :D - Ed)

Main: Paella

Tea, coffee & mints! HA!

 And finally, what do fans of Vanessa Wester have to look forward to in 2014 (and beyond!)

Hopefully, I will actually finish some of the novels I have started – about 10 now! I am still young and I have years to write and have fun! My love of reading is too big for me to ignore books to write. I now do what makes my family and me happy.

So readers will have to be patient…

In an ideal world, an agent will snap up my historical fiction and the next time you hear from me will be via a massive billboard! What can I say, I am a dreamer…

Vanessa, its been an absolute pleasure to speak to you. Thank you also for hosting all us crazy interviewers on your FB group too...

Thank you, Wiz. I have enjoyed it - and you're welcome!

For further info, links, articles and other hi-jinks, visit Vanessa's Blog

First Date - Romance

                                    Three weeks before he died, Hendrix played the IoW Festival

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sandcastles, Sharks, Swords and Sceptres - Devorah Fox is...around the Cauldron!

Devorah Fox, a New York born, now Texas based writer, appeared on the Cauldron last year and the interview was one of the surprise hits of that period - indeed, any period! #
Personable, funny, exceptionally professional, when I found out Devorah was planning to release her latest work "The King's Redress", I wasted no time in picking up the Wizphone to ask her to come back on the show. 

I caught up with her at the beach as she practiced her sand castle sculpting. 

Here's what she had to say...

My sand sculpting instructor (who is also an imaginitive and evocative writer and an actor as well) is a big fan of my writing and through our friendship we pass the creative spark back and forth.

For Devorah's Original Stint around the Cauldron, click HERE

Tell new Wizardwatchers briefly about yourself, Devorah.
I’m a writer. I write all day long, practically every day. If I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing. I wake up with sentences forming 

I write fiction and nonfiction, instructional material and novels, blog posts, magazine articles and a newspaper column but it’s all about telling a story. And there are so many stories to tell.

You wear many career hats – which is the one which best defines you, and which is the one that takes the most time.
“Writer” is what I am and “publisher” is what I do. Publishing and promoting takes more time than writing. 

My late husband and I started a publishing company in 1988; we were self-publishers before self-publishing was cool. 

Running a publishing company is a full-time job. It’s challenging and rewarding in its own right but it's a lot of work.

How has the world of writing treated you this past year? Has it been productive?
I’ve been busy, that’ s for sure. I launched Book Two in the King Bewilliam series, The King’s Ransom, completed Naked Came the Sharks which officially launched the first weekend of January, 2014, and had several magazine articles syndicated. 

During the November 2013 National Novel Writing Month marathon I started The King’s Redress. 

Tell us about your latest work
 January 2014 saw the launch of Naked Came the Sharks, a contemporary thriller of murder and mayhem in the Texas Coastal Bend. The next time you have a cold, dreary day, dive into Sharks. It’s set during the summer and comes complete with characters sipping margaritas in ninety-degree heat.

The first weekend of July 2014 marked the official launch of The King’s Redress, Book Three of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, a literary fantasy series. I’m thrilled to have finished it and seen it released but I already miss spending time with King Bewilliam and his knights, so I may have to write another one.

Can you share an extract with us?
Here’s part of a scene that I really like from the middle of The King’s Redress, with Robin, King Bewilliam, and his youngest knight, Maxwell. 

Meeyoo is Robin’s loyal and heroic cat.
“Your father said you were polishing your tracking skills. May we ask what your quarry is?”Sir Maxwell beamed. “Some time ago I said that there was something that I wanted to show to Your Majesty. If fortune smiles on us, I will be able to show that to you now. I’m trying to spot him. Do you see him, Sire?”“See who?” Robin squinted, trying to bring the details of the glade up ahead into focus. Light filtered down through the lacy canopy of bare trees and shadows dappled the ground below. The shapes of dark and light shifted as the wind moved the tree limbs. “Not ‘who,’ Sire, ‘what’.” Maxwell craned his neck forward and then looked up. “The gryphon. Can you spot him? He can hide, I’ll give him that.”Gryphon? Robin recalled their conversation the night of the vespers tourney when Sir Maxwell had explained the changes he made to his blazon. Apparently Maxwell was not only convinced a gryphon existed, but that one inhabited Bell Castle’s grounds, had mated with Meeyoo, and sired her kitten, Meeyowyow. Surely there would be no mistaking a gryphon if one prowled the woods ahead. Something with the body of a lion? They didn’t have lions in the Chalklands, but Robin had certainly seen enough representations of them to imagine what one should look like. And with the head of an eagle, and wings? They would have to be enormous wings to lift such a big animal.“He should be somewhere around here, Sire,” Maxwell said. “He wouldn’t stray far from this spot where he can keep Bell Castle in sight. It’s because of Meeyoo. Gryphons mate for life you know. He wants to be close to Meeyoo. When she was ill and it looked like she would die, he acted as if he was in mourning. He didn’t hunt, he didn’t eat. He slept a lot and when he was awake, he just lay here, gazing at the castle, sighing.”Maxwell had truly seen the beast and on more than one occasion? Had gotten close enough to a gryphon to hear it sigh? What would the sigh of a gryphon sound like? It would be loud, Robin imagined. Doleful. “When Your Majesty took her to the healer in Dulcimer, it was as if he knew she was no longer at Bell Castle. He left his post here in the glade. I did not see him again until after Your Majesty returned.”Because the gryphon trailed us to Dulcimer and back? There was no question that a large airborne creature kept them ever in sight. Had it been the gryphon? Robin recalled their overnight encampment and the unearthly roar that had not only startled him and his soldiers, but had also scared off a pack of hungry wolves. Had that been the gryphon, protecting Meeyoo?

What's the soundtrack to your work?
I am still pretty much listening to the same Pandora jazz fusion station that you asked about the first time I visited, but I have added a new artist that heads up the list: Billy McLaughlin. If The King's Redress had a soundtrack, it would be his "Candleman."

McLaughlin's personal story is quite moving. He had an acute condition that made it unable for him to play and he had to teach himself to play all over again using his other hand. It makes me wonder what I would do if I lost any of the abilities that make it possible for me to write..

As for Naked Came the Sharks, I was thrilled to have permission to use Kelly Brown's "Song of the Ocean" as a soundtrack for the trailer. 

Book Trailer for NCTS - Click HERE!

You had an innovative way of marketing your book, Devorah. Can you share that with us? 
Oh, you must mean the ArtAbout

Every fall, the Port Aransas Art Center organizes an art walk. Art lovers go on a self-guided tour of galleries and studios, each one offering special exhibits and refreshments for the event. 

Devorah signing her books at Art About
My books are all available at the Art Center and I wanted to participate in some way. Instead of hoping that the tour would lead people to my books, I decided to take my books to the people. Some faithful (and possibly half-crazy) fans and I got dressed in medieval costumes and took the tour. 

Devorah Fox fans

The itinerary is a bit spread out and we needed a conveyance. So there we were riding around in golf carts, knights in chain mail and helmets and ladies in gowns and tiaras when shorts and Hawaiian shirts are the more typical attire. 

The sand sculpture of Bell Castle was the creation of Chip Cooper, the gentleman receiving the accolade and standing at far left in the group photo. (the other knights are Ian Ridout and Alan White).

We were a sight. We finished at a local café where we posed for photos beside a sand sculpture of one of the castles in the book, and we had an accolade for one of the knights.

Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again for the next book? 
We had a blast but I’m not sure I want to make it an annual event. I am considering participating in the Ingleside Renaissance Festival. 

I know, that’s a somewhat later period but what’s a few hundred years between friends? 

You're not kidding! It's about 350 years out, Devorah, and takes place in  another country completely ha ha ha

Ha ha. As I say, what's a few hundred years! And for some time I’ve been dreaming of hosting a madrigal dinner, perhaps in cooperation with the local community theater.

Princess Devorah knights one of her trusted fans
Have you always been interested in medieval matters? Have you travelled to the UK or France? If not, do you plan to?
Honestly, I’ve never been much of history buff and history was far from my best subject in school. However, “once upon a time” was how the King Bewilliam series wanted to be told so now I find myself doing extensive research into the Middle Ages. 

"I was fortunate to be able to visit the UK two years ago. I loved my tour of Windsor Castle, St. Albans and Verulamium". 

I was so grateful to get to see Stonehenge, even though it was cold and rainy that day, and I had a beer in what was touted as the oldest pub in continuous operation.

Them there Southerners are always trying to skank our heritage, Devorah. Here's the oldest pub in England...Nottingham's Trip To Jerusalem (1189)

One of the Wizard's old locals in pre-writing days, just below the south side of Nottingham Castle.
I'll take your word for it, Wiz!

hahahahahah. There are at least fifteen pubs dotted about the place all making the same claim! So, what was the last a) book you read  b) CD you listened to and C) film you watched
I recently finished Along the Watchtower by David Litwack. 

I really enjoyed it and not just because it had princes and castles and touched on themes similar to those in my King Bewilliam series. 

As for films, I’m not much of a movie-goer. Every now and then I’ll catch one on TV. Lately I have been riveted to the small screen by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and now I plan to watch all over again the ITV series Foyle’s War

Both are period dramas so maybe I’m becoming a history buff after all. I've also been listening, as I said, Pandora jazz!

And what does 2015 have in store for fans of Devorah Fox?
I plan to launch the book I’m working on now, Deadline, in January. That’s a contemporary thriller that revolves around a specific 1993 event so it’s something of a period piece. 

That’s only twenty-one years ago but it’s still requiring quite a bit of research. Plus, it has a subplot that harkens back to the 1930s and 1940s, even further in the past. 

Then l plan to start a new novel during National Novel Writing Month this November for release in the summer of 2015.

Devorah, it's been an absolute pleasure to see you again, and - forsooth! - I wish you all the best with your present books and the books to come!
Thank you so much, Wiz. I really appreciate it and the best of luck to you too...

Contact Devorah

King's Redress

and of course, also on 

YouTube trailer:

Espresso Book Machine:

Naked Came The Sharks

Connect with Devorah:


Twitter: @devorah_fox


Google+:  author page: profile page:


It all begins to go wrong in Medievalworld : Classic "Black Knight" scene from
"Westworld" (1973)

Scarcely credible sandcastle sculpture

Another "alleged" oldest pub in England from somewhere not in
Nottingham where the original oldest pub in England comes from, like.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Debut romance novelist and passionate autism campaigner, Kennedy Ryan, is...Around The Cauldron!

The wonderful thing about social networking is meeting fantastic people from around the world. 

Take debut novelist Kennedy Ryan. 
As a native of  Georgia USA - famously, the setting for "Gone With The Wind" - the odds on us meeting would be every long indeed, but through popular romance novelist Katie Oliver, we were introduced and struck up several, often surreal, conversations. 

Through wizardly powers of deduction, I soon discovered she was about to release her debut novel and extracted a promise from her to come around the Cauldron - and here she is. 

I picked up the Wizphone and caught up with her somewhere near Atlanta. She was coy when I asked whether she was sipping Mint Juleps or carrying a lemon parasol...

Who Is Kennedy Ryan?

Hi Wiz, I grew up in North Carolina, but now live in Atlanta. I have a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tar Heels!) and am married with one son. I write for non-profit organizations and occasionally ghost write for various organs. I have started writing stories again in the past couple of years. As a person, I am a passionate advocate for families living with Autism. My son was diagnosed at the age of two, and I have made it my mission to help as many families as possible find the resources and services they need. 

I understand you are from Georgia, USA. Do you have much in common with Scarlett O’Hara? Sipping Mint Juleps on the lawn in the afternoon after your extended afternoon nap? 

The only thing I have in common with Scarlett, other than us both being Southern belles, would be my 17-inch waist. (Deadpan face) I don’t really do mint juleps or afternoon naps, but I have been known to say “fiddle dee dee” when a colourful epithet isn’t appropriate. 

In what genre do you write? Why did you choose it?
I write romance/love stories/women’s fiction.  It’s funny because I didn’t set out to write a romance novel. Just to tell a story, and then I realized some of the “risks” I took in my story kind of bent the expectations of traditional romance readers. 

People kept saying this isn’t a romance. This is more women’s fiction. We’re not quite sure where this fits. I love romance, but definitely lean toward difficult scenarios that really stretch the characters into maturing, growing, evolving. I do want to give readers that happily ever after that is a non-negotiable in romance, but for me it is often more about HOW they got to the Happy Ever After. What did they have to change? What did they learn about themselves? How did they grow on the road to that ending?

Tell us about your latest work?
WHEN YOU ARE MINE is a love story about a girl, Kerris Moreton, who lived through a difficult childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home. Some of those experiences really shaped how she saw herself; her sense of worth. As an adult, she ends up in a relationship with Cam, who also lived through foster care and other difficult experiences. She has always thought of her self as “damaged” and “frozen over” in a lot of ways. Her response when she meets Cam’s best friend Walsh makes her question everything she thought she believed about love and about herself. 

What’s been the reaction so far?
I think a lot of people don’t know what to make of it! LOL. Overall, the response has been favourable. Words and phrases like “couldn’t stop reading”, “page turner”,  “angst”, “unpredictable”, and “WTF” have come up consistently.  The book has several triggers for many romance readers. It’s a love triangle, which a lot of people don’t like. It involves emotional infidelity. A huge strike for most readers. And it ends on a cliffhanger with the next instalment releasing in October. I unwittingly stacked a lot against my novel, especially for it to be a debut by an author no one knows if they can trust with such sensitive material. So when I get these incredible reviews, I know that reader had to wade through a lot to reach that conclusion. It also  makes me understand when other readers aren’t sure, want to wait until the whole series is done, or are – to be frank – angry with my characters. 

Frankly, some of my best discussions have come with people who didn’t like my characters, couldn’t love my book, or wished I had done things differently. I enjoy that discourse. I want to learn from it. That doesn’t mean those conversations will change what I write, but those opinions are just as valid as the ones that glow. Like I said, I write for my characters to grow and evolve. This is the first book in a trilogy, so we’re seeing the genesis of these characters, for many of them at their worst. I promise they, like many of us, get better with time! 

Can you share a short extract? Preferably with the words “Sultry Savannah Sunset” in it…
Remarkably, I don’t have any of those words in my novel ha ha. I know. What kind of Southern belle am I? I do have the opening scene of my book, which is below.

"All eyes were on him, except the bride’s. Walsh hadn’t looked at Kerris Moreton, his best friend’s wife-to-be, for weeks. As two hundred wedding guests waited, Walsh contemplated his glass of champagne and the toast they expected from the best man.“I met this scrawny, mean punk of a kid at camp thirteen years ago.” Walsh pieced together his most charming smile around the words. “We pretty much hated each other on sight.”He paused for a ripple of polite laughter before focusing his attention on his best friend, Cam.“But by the end of the summer, I had a best friend. I had a brother, and that’s never changed. We’ve been through a lot together, and you deserve every happiness. I love you, man.”With a look, Walsh and Cam exchanged years of memories and emotions in a silent moment between them.And then Walsh did what he had deliberately denied himself all day. He looked at the bride. Really looked at her, full on, and every word he had scripted fled his mind. His breath caught up in his throat at her beauty, illuminated by the kindness and compassion he knew lay beneath that gorgeous face. His tongue clung to the roof of his mouth for an extra second before he wrenched himself from drowning in her amber eyes.Kerris met his stare, her expression not guarded enough to disguise the fear, the near-panic. He read the question in her eyes as if she had spoken aloud.What are you about to say? “And what a girl you’ve found,” he said, unable to look away from her solemn gaze.“I saw her before I knew she was the girl you’d been telling me all about. She was going out of her way to help someone. I knew then that she was different, and that she deserved a special man.”He raised his glass to toast the bride, swishing champagne and disappointment in his mouth.He’d wanted to be that man."

I understand you are a big advocate of autism awareness?  Why is this?
Autism is an incredibly personal cause for me. My son was diagnosed when he was two years old. We have been living with it for the last 11 years. He is on the more severe end of the spectrum, and raising him, constantly seeing his potential and doing what it takes to help him reach it, is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Most people have no idea what our families go through. For many of us, we will live with these challenges, be responsible for these kids, for the rest of their lives. It is a little bit of a different perspective on parenting. I started a foundation about six years ago called Myles-A-Part. 

Myles - A - Part - CLICK HERE

It provides financial and emotional support for ASD families in Georgia. I am donating 25% of my royalties to autism. 10% to my foundation, and 15% to my national charitable partner, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA). 

My family would not have survived without organizations like these and without vigilant, intelligent parents who had compassion enough to reach back and help us. I want to pay that back any way I can. 

With your busy life, when do you fit in the time to write? 
I actually don’t sleep very much! LOL. Kidding…kinda. I don’t sleep as much as most people. Up until a few months ago, I was juggling writing, a full-time job, the demands of raising a special needs child AND running my foundation for ASD families. I left my job in September, so compared to what it WAS, some days it feels like I’m twiddling my thumbs. I write a lot at night after my son and hubby are sleep. And now that I don’t work a full-time job, I split my daytime hours between writing and my foundation work. And I watch almost no television. I allow myself about three shows at any given time. Never more than about three hours a week. So I DVR and hoard shows for when one show rotates off and I can make room for what I missed when it originally aired! LOL

On a vacation through the swamps on one of those cool hovercraft thingies, you find yourself lost in banjo country, with only your packed lunch and a roped sack of surprises to help you. In the sack are two books, two CD’s and a  DVD. What would you like them to be?

Only TWO books? Geesh. It might surprise some who read romance and some of my steamy scenes, but I’d bring my Bible. 

My faith is crucial to me. And I’d bring…oh, gosh. In this day and age my kindle should qualify as my one “book”, surely! LOL. 

If only one book, it would be…The Color Purple by Alice Walker. 

The triumph of the human spirit depicted in that novel. The rich dialogue, well-developed, robust characterization. The humor threaded through the survival narrative. Just everything I look for in a novel.  

Breathing down its neck would be Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Beloved, The Age of Innocence. 

CDs…I’ll cheat and bring 2 mix tape CDs! LOL. Old School and New School. 

On the Old School would be Otis Redding, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Hall & Oates, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, The Carpenters, Al Green, and a plethora of others.  

New School would be The Lumineers, Jill Scott, Mumford & Sons, Beyonce, Rihanna, Florence + The Machine, Jay Z, Talib Kweli, Amelle Lareiux, Julia Stone, Coldplay, Ray Lamontagne. 

Movie – Legends of the Fall. One of my favorite movies. And beyond having a young Brad Pitt, (pause for a moment of silence) I love epic storytelling that  spans years with a tight cast of characters. And only fitting since, like my book, it’s a love triangle…quadrilateral. 

Have you ever ridden side saddle down to the summer fayre, underneath a lemon parasol, on Randolph, your sedate silver charger. 
Yes. Next question ha ha ha.

Are you looking forward to “Constantine” on CBS this autumn? Or is there another TV show we need to watch out for? 
I LOVED the movie. I know Keanu Reeves is often accused of being pretty wooden, but I love Rachel Weisz in…well, just about everything. Like I said, TV doesn’t really play a very prominent role in my life. The Constantine TV series wasn’t on my radar. The show in my “regular” rotation that I simply pant to see come back is Vikings on History channel. #ShieldMaidens

Invite an actor, a musician and a writer for dinner. Why? And what is Kennedy Ryan’s speciality of the house?
The actor would be, hands down, don’t-even-have-to-think-about-it, Audrey Hepburn. 

In addition to being awesome and winning an Oscar for her first American film, Roman Holiday, and to being a style  icon, she was a humanitarian who lived through the horrors of war and gave out of those experiences. I am slightly obsessed with her. People give me Audrey birthday cards, coffee table books, movies – all kinds of stuff. I even modelled my wedding dress on the one she wore in the final scene of Funny Face. Yeah. I’m that girl. LOL

The musician would be Billie Holiday. 

Wow, what a unique, towering talent in many ways cut down too soon. So many artists live in the darker part of their giftedness. I believe that for many creatives there is this melancholy we can  slip into. This darker side of the coin; addiction, obsession, compulsion. These darker emotions sometimes fuel our creative process, but we have to learn balance. Live with a certain centerdness. I’m always sadly fascinated by the brilliant artists who never managed to find that balance. I just look at so many of them who died much too young and offered so much less than they could have had they overcome those demons. 

And writer…gosh so many. Maybe Zora Neale Hurston. She wrote one of my all-time favorite novels, Their Eyes Were Watching God. 

She helped generate this massive wave of creative expression. She was a major player in a tidal wave of artistry during the Harlem Renaissance. She managed to create such beautiful, poignant work with two large decks of bias stacked against her:  racism and sexism. She managed to be incredibly authentic and articulate and representative of her people in a very specific time and space, while writing something so transferrable and timeless and epic that manages to include and provoke people from all races and cultures and eras. Simply brilliant. Would love to pick her brain and hear her TRUE stories. 

This has been fantastic, Kennedy, thank you.  So. What’s next for fans of Kennedy Ryan?
I’m such a new kind of the block, I don’t have many fans yet, (LOL) but for anyone out there listening, my book WHEN YOU ARE MINE, is the first in a trilogy for Grand Central/Forever Romance. 
Book 2, LOVING YOU ALWAYS, releases October 7. 
Book 3, BE MINE FOREVER, releases February 2015. I also write non-fiction. 
I’m a contributor for Modern Mom, and write a monthly series MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING things. 

Kennedy Ryan's Other Guise - Mommy's Doing Amazing Things!

I get to interview some of the most fascinating women and tell their stories. And I am working on the true story of my family’s journey with autism. Hopefully, someone will want to publish that one day! So be on the lookout! 

I shall be. I am sure Wizardwatchers will want to wish you the very best of luck and thank you for such an entertaining natter.
Thank you, Wiz. I've really enjoyed it.


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